Innovative method for building insulation fixing

thermal insulation set model
thermal insulation set model

Thermal insulation behind the building structure is a must. The standard method nowadays is fixing with plastic dowels to the walls. In case that the insulation is thicker, plastic dowels do not fit safely in the wall, so steel dowels are employed.

This point mounting leads to many thermal bridges and violation of the entirety of the walls, which might be crucial, especially for exterior dry walls. The thicker the panels, the more inefficient and uncertain the result.

Therefore, BILDA has come up with a smart innovation – fixing the insulation panels to the substructure system instead of fixing them to the primary building structure. This is achieved by a special fixing set – direct strut clip, a special T-profile that forms supporting shelving and also BILDA plastic dowels, designed to be fixed to the substructure.

thermal insulation fixing set details scaled
thermal insulation

In addition to the above mentioned, BILDA insulation fixing method has other advantages:

1) Rapid assembly and installation – for a segment 1.8/1.2 with 20cm thick insulation we have only 3 operations - two clips, directly mounted with screws for the vertical struts of the fixing BILDA system and inserted the T-profile. In comparison to the same segment, the standard method requires at least 30 operations – for drilling the holes and mounting the dowels. Considering these facts, we execute 10 times fewer operations with BILDA insulation fixing set!

thermal insulation set case study scaled
thermal insulation case study

2) Cost efficiency – As mentioned above, for the selected segment with BILDA fixing set we need fewer elements with high quality in comparison to the standard installation, where we need much more elements with variable quality. The price in both cases is the same.

3) Thermal efficiency - The thermal bridges are minimised, because there is no connection between the insulation fixing set and the building construction.

Priedemann thermal insulation set
Priedemann thermal insulation

4) Future reuse of thermal insulation panels – In time, the wool insulation remains in the same condition, so it can be reused without any specific treatment. It will not be perforated and will not damaged by the removal of the anchors.

5) Controllable and secure fixing – With the BILDA thermal insulation fixing method, the installation is safely positioned in the channels of BILDA’s strut profile for rainscreen cladding. When the insulation is thicker, the bearing capacity of the thermal insulation anchors is reduced and can be compromised over time.

T profile span scaled
T profile span scaled