Onyx Multipurpose Building, Sofia - Case Study

The project Onyx is a commercial, multi-purpose building of height 30m that is cladded with 30mm thick Granite and Limestone. The major challenge was that the substrate being a composite wall panel, was not structurally admissible for fixing the substructure.

BILDA turned the challenge into a major success by fixing the cladding system to the mullions of the CW units through a bespoke framing profile. This eliminated the need for brackets and additional struts. The substructure quantity was reduced by 30%, thus reducing the cost and installation time too.

Project info

Project: ProArch architects Ltd
Facade Engineering: Facade Detail
Cladding Installer: Alumina Elit                Year of Construction: 2022/2023
Product: BILDA Rainscreen System for 30 mm Granite and Limestone cladding


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