Tokuda Hospital

Sofia, Bulgaria

Building Type: Healthcare
Architect: Shinto Keikaku Co. & Atelier Serafimov Architects
Installer: Hazama Ando Corp.
Cladding: Stone, Metal
Amount: 22 300 m2
Year: 2007

We highly appreciate the performance of STOA at one of the largest and most complicated projects in Sofia in the years of 2004-2006 which even won the Annual “Building of the year 2006” award in Bulgaria. They executed all the entrusted works according to the modern building technologies and construction standards. The company also met all the contracted terms, all technical requirements, and international regulations.

Hazama Ando Corporation

The biggest challenge around this project? Completing a large amount of work within a tight project timeline, while maintaining high quality in the smallest of details. After design consultations with the BILDA team, the substructure was reduced by half through coupling the raster using false joint.