Bankya Residence

Another BILDA project begins to take on a finished look – a private house in the town of Bankya, at the picturesque western outskirts of Sofia!

It is an example of good practices in the rainscreen façades: besides supporting the façades, the BILDA sub-construction supports the thermal insulation and at the same time serves as a measuring basic plane for the glazing mounting.

The residence design is interesting with the interplay of different rasters achieved through details with 4cm joint and various natural stone panel sizes.

The cladding materials are 30mm polished Navona travertino and HPL with 10mm natural veneer which is both fixed on the walls and the suspended ceilings. The thermal insulation thickness is 20cm.

Studio Architectonika has done a good job!

Learn more about the BILDA system here.

Bankya Residence 1
Bankya Residence thermal insulation
Bankya Residence 2
Bankya Residence cladding materials
Bankya Residence 3
Bankya Residence rainscreen façades
Bankya Residence 4
Bankya Residence design