Beware of BILDA Counterfeits!

We are happy with the BILDA’s presence at the BIG 5 expo in Dubai.

Disappointingly, we have found, though, that BILDA is again an object of counterfeiting. A company whose exhibition was sealed and banned at Marmomac expo in Italy (see picture below) was offering copies of BILDA  components at the BIG 5.


The manufacture offered by these counterfeiters consists only of a few primitively copied elements and does not permit for the full potential of the original system to be applied.

Do not let yourself be misguided by these and other counterfeiters!

The people behind this misleading contraption have no experience to carry out such activities, and nor can they provide you with the full documentation needed for your project. At the end of the day, you will end up with a dysfunctional and dangerous solution.


The counterfeiters usually push their offers through by claiming that it is low cost. However, even this is not true, neither for unit price nor for assemblages. The usage and application of a real façade cladding system needs specific experience and knowledge of the full number of elements it consists of. This includes the need for static calculations from experienced engineers who are not available for counterfeiters. We or our approved design partners can make a better assemblage for you, tailor-made to suit each and every detail of your construction plan, no matter what it is.

Furthermore, there is a risk of legal consequences not only for offering but also for using of counterfeited products, especially in the realm of construction, where regulations and control are severe. Provisions of law are internationally applicable.