BILDA and the 7Rs

From the very beginning, the BILDA Rainscreen System has been conceived to be resource-saving, with great strength characteristics and minimum material used for its components and the components that depend on it.

RETHINK – BILDA made the difference with its first step – thought to be energy and material saving;

REFUSE –  the second step is the material choice and technology. BILDA uses materials that last;

REDUCE – with BILDA system can be reduced:

·         30% savings on cladding materials, fixed with a flat precision slot that allows downsizing panel thickness;

·         40% savings on aluminium due to structural optimization;

·         50% less installation time due to rapid coupling and good element convergence;

REUSE – all BILDA components are easily dismountable and fully reusable due to minimized installation damage;

RECYCLE – aluminium used for BILDA elements is fully recyclable;

REPAIR – BILDA components themselves do not need repair; cladding assemblies executed with BILDA Rainscreen System are easily repairable due to special solutions;

RECOVER – no materials left for recover in the BILDA structure life cycle.

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BILDA Rainscreen System and the 7Rs