BILDA and the seven R-s

The cladding methods realized by The BILDA Team outsail all existing curtain wall methods. Most cladding systems are based on a set of standard aluminum extrusion profiles and basic fixing plates and dowels.

Our vision was to create a solution that goes above and beyond what existing, artisan-level quasi-systems can offer.

That’s how we designed BILDA - a universal fixing solution, improving the whole process and providing benefits to all envelope stakeholders. We illustrate this with the concept of the seven R’s. These are the traditional Reduce, Reuse & Recycle, but also Rethink, Refuse, Repair and Recover.

RETHINK – BILDA’s self-guiding & interlocking system draws its ingenuity from the ancient jointing traditions of the world, especially Japan, e.g. dovetail, mortise/tenon and others.

REDUCE – the system reduces the amount of time and materials necessary to complete a facade, achieving up to:

- 50% of cladding material savings – due to the precision slot that allows for a significant decrease in panel thickness;

- 50% decrease in installation time - far fewer installation steps due to interlocking design;

- 40% savings on aluminum due to structural optimization (an optimal strength-to-size ratio, compared to competing systems);

REUSE – due to its non-invasive technology, BILDA allows for reuse of all components and most of the cladding and insulation panels in the case of dismantling due to refurbishment or demolition;

RECYCLE – the system is made of 100% aluminum and therefore fully recyclable.

REFUSE – by applying a lean method of construction, BILDA eliminates unnecessary operations, removes the need of auxiliary materials and minimizes material wastage.

REPAIR – failed cladding panels can be easily replaced with the help of a special patching component (see BILDA façade patching process here). Easier, with more affordable maintenance and prolonging the façade’s life cycle.

RECOVER – BILDA allows for full recovery of primary wastage during production, fabrication, assembly and installation.

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BILDA Rainscreen System and the 7Rs