It was insightful and impressive to get to know the advantages as well as the competitiveness and innovation of BILDA System. […] We intend to use your product also in the future, in planned projects with rainscreen facades, involving various materials.

Hochtief Solutions AG

Chaussestrasse 121

Berlin, Germany

Building Type: Residential
Architect: Treiling architekten
Installer: Hochtief AG
Cladding: Stone
Amount: 300 m2
Year: 2013

The project site was situated in the center of Berlin. Strict local working regulations required an optimal organization of the installation process. Additionally, the complex geometrical section of the pilasters demanded the use of floor-to-floor spatial structures. They were pre-assembled in the STOA factory and transported, ready to be installed.
The pre-assembly of the elements and well-organized on-site work with the BILDA rapid fixing method reduced installation time with 50%.