Park Tower | Bilda
Park Tower | Bilda
Park Tower | Bilda
Park Tower | Bilda

We do not stand still; we are always looking for technologies that will help make our projects better. The aluminum system for ventilated façade fastening BILDA became one of them, produced by our partner STOA, first used in Cyprus by Crona Construction in the Park Tower project. The aluminum system of the ventilated facade, which we used to fix the unusually beautiful Vratsa limestone, will give the building a unique image that will certainly adorn the city of Limassol.

Crona Group

Park Tower in Limassol

Limassol, Cyprus

Building Type: Residential
Architect: Crona Art
Installer: Crona Construction Ltd.
Cladding: Stone
Amount: 8100 m2
Year: 2020

The project was quite a challenge for our engineering team because it required not merely an ordinary surface cladding but also volume modeling of substantial parts of the facades. This pre-condition demanded a set of specific endpoint solutions, consoles, pilasters, risolites, and soffits.

Our main focus were the complicated cornice forms with cantilever length of up to one metre. Also, the project was designed not to affect the brick wall due to its low anchoring capacity. Spеcial earthquake bracings had to be designed and developed as well due to the large stone panel sizes.

As for the materials for this project, the Vratsa stone was chosen to be attached to our ventilated facade system profiles. This is a homogeneous stone, colored in warm cream shades and various patterns and motifs. Installed on a ventilated facade system, it provides a delightful fusion of aesthetics, endurance, and cost-effectiveness.