5 Great Things That Happened to BILDA in 2021

2021 was quite dynamic for our team. We were finally able to go back to the good old "normal" – events, expos, travels and personal meetings. Before we brag a little bit about our 2021 experience, we want to wish you health, love and happy holiday time with your loved ones!

A happy holidays card from BILDA - with a panoramic photo of Zalmhaven in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Now - the bragging! We want to share with you 5 great things that happened to BILDA in 2021.

The tallest building in The Netherlands: The Zalmhaven

This 215-meter high breathtaking tower is the crowning achievement of BILDA Rainscreen System. It is clad in natural stone, supported by our high-performance façade systems that are lightweight, optimized and affordable. This prefabricated building was completed in a record-breaking 50 weeks thanks to BILDA!

Yet other R&D Achievements

BILDA is the first and only cladding fixing system that allows the installation of thermal insulation panels to its own substructure providing tighter and reliable fit, also avoiding the long metal dowels and eventually the need to drill holes into the primary structure. Our preliminary calculation and modelling show 15-20% better thermal performance of claddings installed with the BILDA total façade system.
Another important innovation – The Bi-metallic, thermally broken fire resistant brackets that was introduced in the market this year. And this is not the whole list.

MARMOMAC participation – back to "normal"

BILDA’s 8th consecutive participation at MARMOMAC 2021 in Verona was very exciting and productive! It felt incredible to see old and new friends and clients. This year's focus was on thermal performance and fire safety, showcasing our latest innovations - thermal insulation fixing set, bimetal brackets and pre-existing features of the BILDA universal cladding system. The overwhelming reception of our products has set the momentum for our next event, GEVEL 2022, to be held in Utrecht, Netherlands

New business horizons

This year brought some major market expansion for our cladding products with projects in Denmark, Switzerland, and London. A supplying agent for the New Zealand market has been successfully established and the following year will bring more projects from this beautiful part of the world too.

Product design award

We were thrilled to receive the prestigious Architectural Master Prize award for Best Product Design of 2020 in the ‘’Building Envelope & Construction Materials" category. BILDA applicability to any cladding materials, endless possibilities of achieving any shapes and forms through Lego-like construction, and various benefits to the stakeholders involved in the envelope process were the cited highlights during the award ceremony.

+1 Great Thing: Team growth

Lastly, in September, we were all overjoyed in welcoming a new member to our family. Kristian, the dear son of our beloved colleague Rumyana, and hopefully – a valuable member of our team someday!