BILDA Basics - BILDA Spider Clip

Aluminum Die Casting technology allows production of sophisticated shapes. BILDA Spider Clip range adds additional value to our system solutions. In-house multidisciplinary R&D team and own hi-tech FRECH die-casting facility is an excellent combination!

Constant optimization by research, modelling, prototyping and testing have resulted in the development of this unique “interface” element that is an useful and essential gadget for the cladding fixing.

BILDA Basics - BILDA Spider Clip

Keeping sustainability & affordability in focus, BILDA has developed this amazing component that combines speed, efficiency and stability. It fits in our narrow precision slots, off the edge of the panels, at a structurally safer distance.

The Spider clip also reduces the quantity of aluminum used and the installation is almost instantaneous due to self-guiding single screw fixing method.

Below is a comparison study of the Conventional Plate clip and the game-changing BILDA Spider clip:

  • BILDA Spider Clip has a longer, stronger, and more durable clamping component compared to that the plate clip.
  • BILDA Spider Clip makes use of the guiding Q-channels in the BILDA Strut and allows self-guiding single-screw fixing.
  • BILDA Spider Clip has an allowance for longer edge distance, which is the major advantage absent in the plate clips.
BILDA Basics - BILDA Spider Clip

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