Medusa Residence, Bucharest, Romania

Ceramic cladding layout case study

A solution for coursed pattern featuring vertical 50% staggered joints

BILDA fixing system's standard solutions can be easily customized to meet any project needs. One practical example of this feature in action is Medusa Residence, a gated neighborhood with 14 240m2, 20mm thick ceramic panels - "landscape" oriented. The whole project is designed with a facade coursed pattern with vertical staggered joints.

Project info

Project: Medusa Residence | Bucharest
Architect: Badih & Kantar Architects  Contractor & cladding installer: Quadra Casa
Facade consultant: BILDA Team                Year of Construction: 2023-2024
Substructure: BILDA Rainscreen Fixing System
Cladding: Ceramic panels 600/1200/20 mm

Medusa Residence Case study | Bilda | Staggered joints

The challenge:

The facade pattern with vertical staggered joints is the major project challenge. BILDA's task is to introduce a practical, low-cost, and fast-to-install solution.

In landscape-oriented panels, cladding lead profiles are placed along the vertical joints. When some of the rows are offset/staggered, the amount of profiles need to be doubled.

The solution:

A profile behind the main rows joint only is BILDA solution in such a case. Offset row panels are fixed to the substructure in the middle with the extreme ends attached to the neighboring upper and lower panels with a "stagger" clip. 

Medusa Residence Case study | Bilda
Medusa Residence Case study solution | Bilda

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The unique and simple detailing of the cladding using BILDA façade elements eliminated the need for additional substructure thereby reducing the material quantity by 40%, while also allowing for significant savings in labor in the overall construction process.

Medusa Residence Case study | Bilda

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