A new rainscreen system for the Energoproekt building

BILDA is proud to be a part of the facade refurbishment process of the emblematic Energoproekt building in Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria.

Rainscreen system 1
Rainscreen system - Energoproekt building

More about the project

The facade refurbishment of the Energoproekt building is a cumulative project, consisting of the combined efforts and competences of:

Facade Detail, who took care of the facade engineering;

Escana - the principal of the project;

BILDA by STOA, who contributed with a novel rainscreen system for fixing the stone panels.

Energoproekt is projected to be the tallest building in Sofia with a rainscreen system facade made of stone.

The process of renovation and rainscreen system installation of the building had just recently been initiated. Still, you can get a quite comprehensive idea about the concept of the project by taking a look at the visualisations below.

We can't wait to see the final result and share it with you, so stay tuned!

Rainscreen system 2
Rainscreen system - facade refurbishment project