Raiffeisen Bank HQ at Wallisellen, Switzerland


The Raiffeisen bank headquarters project is situated in the town of Walliselen, near Zurich.

The challenge: minimum contact between the rainscreen system and the concrete

The BILDA rainscreen system was chosen for the strict project requirements of the minimum contact of the rainscreen structure to the concrete. The thermal needs of the building demand a high thickness of the thermal insulation and additional thicker insulation plates for the consoles. That’s why it is a challenging project with the big distance to be overcome between the stone cladding and the primary structure.

On-site training

Georgi and Rumen of the BILDA team made a special system installation training at site of the local installers Naturstein Wuest AG and they got the hang of it quickly!



Last but not least, there's a reason many high profile projects worldwide use the BILDA system - like Zalmhaven, the tallest residential building in the Netherlands. Let's talk about your project, no strings attached.