SAAF | Kuwait University Campus - Case Study

Student Activites and Athletic Facilities (SAAF) of Kuwait University is part of one of the largest educational campuses in the world. It consists of a number of buildings encompassing sports and recreational functions.

Facades inspired by local landscape formations consists of surfaces with different inclinations and punched sand ripple and divot like niches and openings. The unified design language brings close resemblance to the earthy context around the campus and also to the mashrabiya architectural style.

Project info

Project: SAAF | Kuwait University Campus
Architect: SOM
Consultant: Gulf Consult                            Year of Construction: 2019-2025
Product: BILDA Rainscreen System for   40 mm Limestone


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Case Study - SAAF4

The choice of ventilated/rainscreen facade is relevant to the local climatic condition and brings advantage to the energy performance of the building by reducing the cooling thermal loads. 

BILDA’s versatility and adaptability have contributed to realize the complex design form in an impeccable fashion. 

BILDA fixing system was adopted for fixing the cladding of the entire facility with the total covered surface of c. 76000 square meters. Our team of specialists visited the construction site at different stages to monitor the installation accuracy and to provide technical support to the contractors and consultants.

Case Study - SAAF6