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Slotting & Drilling Machine


The machine makes narrow halfmoon precision slots in the sides of facade panels of various materials. The machine is designed for high precision, productivity and ease of use.
It can be easily converted into a machine for drilling holes (in the back or sides) in facade panels with diameters ø6, ø8, ø10 and ø12 mm.


The machine is available in 2 different dimensions (see the data sheet).
Additionally, roller conveyors may be attached on both sides of the machine for processing large-sized façade panels, and easy movement of the panels to and from the machine. Also, a roller table from the front of the machine can be attached for the processing of long panels on the short side.
Toolset for milling and drilling also available.

3-21 KW ER16 Spindle or brushed motor


• Easy to operate with minimal technical training of the operator
• Lightweight, compact and easy to transport
• Precise and clean slots and holes
• High performance generates fast return on the initial investment
• Universal application for various types of panels
• Easy maintenance and mobility

with additional transport systems


• Robust construction of aluminium alloys and stainless steel
• Table with multi-directional rollers for smooth rotation of the panels
• Highly efficient work with diamond cutters for slots and diamond drills for holes
• Horizontal and vertical adjustment of machining heads for different panel thicknesses
• Limitation wheels and guide rollers for symmetrical and asymmetrical processing
• Variants with brush motors and spindle motors

Brushed motor • optional / Spindel motor • basic


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